Tiny Skull Crossbones Residents of Spooky Town
I want to know more about your Kaze Screecher character! he's sooooo cool!

Thank you so much!! <3

He’ll appear in the comic eventually, just know he’s a pretty rad celeb~

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On your Comicfury for this comic it says it has Sexual Content, so by what degree is this?

Ah, well some of the characters mention or say things in a sexual way. In no way am I going to draw anything sexual dear lord XD

So no worries, visually!

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What kind of music themes will be featured in the comic?

A whole variety if I can display it properly XD

Since the story mainly focuses in Spooky Town, the main music is usually anything with a lot of energy in it (pop, rock, rap, R&B, basically drop the bass yo). However the majoritity has a creepy theme to it too~!

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I replaced the Fallen Angels creatures with something a bit new called “The Sleepers” because… that idea was old :I

Here are just some concept art of it! Some quick info about these:

-Sleepers are basically human fears during their dreams. Since the land of Limbiac is in the spirit world, Sleepers can stray from human dreams and drop down to Limbiac. The reason why, no one knows.
-Can regenerate.
-Nirvanna, Eginhard, and Curio are the only ones that seem to be able to defeat them, again no one knows why yet.
-Sleepers possess objects that they originated from (ex: Fear of piano lol). If they die they leave the object.
-Totally different from Shadow Demons haha

So much easier for me to play around with! ^^

are still gonna make that headcanon voice video?

Heck yea~

Maybe not with all characters but still yep yep

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Is there a central/main antagonist to the story, or several mini antagonists?

The story has 3 series, and each series has it’s own main antagonists. However there are smaller antagonists along the way~! ^w^

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Zikkafriday submitted: My fan character,m Thursday the Vampira, playign the violin to Eginhard’s singing!


Guuuh this is so coolio haha ; w ; Thank you!

I love you art!! I even made an oc inspired by your art :D

Thank you QuQ and that’s so cool aaaaaah~! <3

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On mah way to steal yo man


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How old is Coyne?


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