Tiny Skull Crossbones Residents of Spooky Town

Previews for the upcoming pages~ <3

~ + The Launch Date is Near! + ~

OuO Yep yep! I’m really excited and I really do hope it starts off swell! I can’t show you any pages yet because I want to keep them secrets, but just know I’ve been working! Look at them thumbnails yes~

My biggest issue is time management since I don’t get a lot of time to art around, but I won’t let that stop me! Stay tuned peeps >w<

Haha ehy biiitch~!
oh my god I love that revamp you did of Arrow White!!!!! are you gonna do more ROST characters? like Cray Cray or Kaze? (i really love them) cuz that would be wicked!

I’m not going to revamp Cray Cray or Kaze for sure, their designs are set ^w^ Drawing them more, I will do though~!

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Do Eginhard, Nirvanna and Curio prefer the Trick (Scary/terrifying/bump-in-the-night) side or the Treat (trick-or-treat/costume/candy/party) side of Halloween?

They, and everyone in Spooky Town, prefer the Trick side of Halloween ;3

There’s another town that prefers the Treat side of it, but isn’t as important just yet to mention~

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Would you say Eginhard is very intimate with people?

Only with those he knows well~!

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Eginhard/Coyne <3


fffff <3

My Vampira, Thursday, meeting Nirvanna!!


They’d probably do well together actually haha

Tryn’a give him a more refreshing look, since his old design looks too similar to another well known character ; 3 ;

How can you not blame me for wanting to redesign her dress